Second of two First Aid classes

On Saturday we've been to the second of two First Aid classes conducted by Ilya Zabelin and Alexander Mostov.

This time it was even more interesting and fun.

 The photos are from the practice. Half of us played injured, others played, well, themselves. After each session Ilyia and Sasha explained what was wrong and what was right.

Here we're at a “night club” where some drunks injured others (also drunk). The one with the light is Sasha Mostov playing a junkie.

Everything was great. And again, very practical and usefull.

First Aid course

Last saturday I’ve been to the first of two First Aid classes that is conducted by professional First Air instructors Ilya and Alexander. Actually Ilya now works at Yandex but still does First Aid as a hobby. Alexander is an instructor at EFR, Red Cross and Moscow Rescue Service. 

Here are a few photos from the class.

Alexander & Ilya.

Tanya learns to do chest compressions.

Everyone tried to move an injured but then gave up :-).

That was a full day class. 8 hours with one 45 minutes break and 5 minutes break every 2 hours. Very interesting.Very practical.
Looking forward to the next class next Saturday.