Chez Scheme binaries for FreeBSD and DragonFly

Just built a recent ChezScheme for FreeBSD 10.1 and DragonFly 4.6. I'll probably make proper packages for it later, but for until then here are the binaries:

FreeBSD: chz-4.9.1_fb.tar.bz2

DragonFly: chz-4.9.1_df.tar.bz2

Or if you want to build it yourself, here are the boot images:



In order to use them just unpack the appropriate version (or all of them) to boot subdirectory.

    FreeBSD version can be built from the original sources. DragonFly version however requires a few patches, but you can fetch it from my fork on github. (I created a pull request, but it was not accepted yet.)

    Have fun!

    UPD: I started working on FreeBSD port for ChezScheme, you can follow me on github. It doesn't work yet -- I just started. Also I submitted a pkgsrc package, but right now it can only be built for Linux and there is an issues with DESTDIR support. Hopefully I'll fix it soon.

    Binary pkgsrc packages for FreeBSD-10.0

    I started to build packages from pkgsrc on my FreeBSD machine.

    If you want to try, run:

    fetch -q -o - | bzip2 -dc | sudo tar -C /usr -xf -

    This fetches and extracts the minimal distribution of pkgin.

    After that you'll have to add /usr/pkg/sbin and /usr/pkg/bin to your path to be able to run pkgin.

    If you don't know how to use pkgin, you will probably want to have a look at the docs.

    If you're happy with pkgin, I'm glad that I could help.

    If not, please tell me why. Then run sudo rm -r /usr/pkg /usr/pkg-current and continue living with FreeBSD's pkgng.