New pkgsrc packages for Mac OS X Yosemite

(UPD: there is a newer version of the pkgin repo, based on pkgsrc-2015Q2. See my post in Russian blog.)

I started to build packages for Mac OS X Yosemite from pkgsrc-2014Q3.

As always, to bootstrap pkgin package manager run:

curl | bzip2 -dc | sudo tar -C /usr -xf -

See details in my old post.

Just to remind you, these are built with clang for x86_64.

See also: Pkgsrc binary packages for Mac OS X by Jonathan Perkin
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I am new with pkgsrc and pkgin. I am looking for a way to install gnuradio in the Mac OSX Yosemite. It seems that Macports takes a lot of time since needs to compile everything. I would like to ask you if you could give me some guide on how I can get gnuradio software working in Mac OS X Yosemite using pkgin/pkgsrc. It seems that the repository of J. Perkin does not include a build of gnuradio.
Unfortunately, gnuradio in pkgsrc doesn't build under Mac OS X. If it works in Macports, I need to see what patches they have and try to incorporate them in pkgsrc. I can't promise I'll do that any soon though.
Aleksej, thanks for you answer. I will try with Macports then. Thanks
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