Chez Scheme binaries for FreeBSD and DragonFly

Just built a recent ChezScheme for FreeBSD 10.1 and DragonFly 4.6. I'll probably make proper packages for it later, but for until then here are the binaries:

FreeBSD: chz-4.9.1_fb.tar.bz2

DragonFly: chz-4.9.1_df.tar.bz2

Or if you want to build it yourself, here are the boot images:



In order to use them just unpack the appropriate version (or all of them) to boot subdirectory.

    FreeBSD version can be built from the original sources. DragonFly version however requires a few patches, but you can fetch it from my fork on github. (I created a pull request, but it was not accepted yet.)

    Have fun!

    UPD: I started working on FreeBSD port for ChezScheme, you can follow me on github. It doesn't work yet -- I just started. Also I submitted a pkgsrc package, but right now it can only be built for Linux and there is an issues with DESTDIR support. Hopefully I'll fix it soon.
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    Fixed. Thanks!
    Could you provide a port for FreeBSD, please?
    There is a little problem with the FreeBSD port: the sources must be fetched from the official github repo, but there is no bootstrap binaries for FreeBSD yet. These binaries are easy to build, but because FreeBSD was not supported for a while there are some failing tests. So it's a little bit more work to do than just build the bootstrap image. However, I can create an unofficial FreeBSD port and publish it here. Maybe I'll do that.
    Oh, I see. I'll be watching this blog for the next few weeks. Thank you.
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