The best scene in Up in the Air movie

I like the scene where Ryan talks to Jim about real estate. 


           We all need a place to call our
           own. This is America. This is what
           we were promised.
           That's a nice touch.
           That bit at the end about
           promise... I like it.
           (a little embarrassed)
           So, you still renting that one-
           No. I gave it up.
           So, you own now?
           But you're looking?
           No, not really.
           So, you're just good.
           I'm good.
           Well, it's good.

Public bicycles in Moscow

A couple of weeks  ago the first public bike rental service started in Moscow. Tried it. Well, not just tried, we (me and Tanya) are using it twice a week now to get to Chinese classes.

To rent a bike you need to register at, pay a fixed fee for a day, a week, a month or full season. After that you receive a card number and a pin, that you enter at the terminal to get a bike:

All in all it's a good thing to have a public bike rental service in a city. But I have to say, these bike we have now are quite crappy. When you ride it all the parts are wiggling and jiggling. The bikes are heavy. This is especially bad because we don't have any cycling infrastructure at all here in Moscow, so quite often you have to carry the bike instead of riding it :-).

Anyway, it's just the beginning. I hope we'll see more bikes soon. I want tandems! I want Moscow to look more like Hangzhou!

By the way, that's how rental bikes look in Hangzhou:

Hm... when I was writing that, I actually had in mind another photo, but when I found it, I realised that these are not public bikes. Well, let's see the photo anyway.

Just recently received three posters that I ordered about two months ago. Two copies with 1500 most frequently used characters and one with chinese radicals. Nice! I just love what these people are doing. The posters are so cool!

They sent them within two rigid tubes and included stickers as well as red blackboard markers to write on the posters. Everything is nicely packed.

I put the one with radicals on the wall like that:

Another one on the radiator:

Within a few hours after I twitted about it, one of these guys contacted me and kindly asked whether they can put my photos on their website. Now you can see a photo of me in their gallery:

A little about me

Well, my name is Aleksej Lebedev and I was born in Kazakhstan, which doesn't actually mean anything.

When I was 3 my parents moved to Russia (it was all USSR then) to the small town of Murom where I grew up. After finishing school I went to Moscow and studied at Moscow Aviation Institute for 5 years and a half.

Then I worked at different companies while teaching at MAI at the same time. In 2007 I received an offer from some people in the university to go to Malaysia to work there as a lecturer. At that point I already met my future wife in MAI campus (she was a student). I went to Malaysia and after couple of months she came there too. In order to get her visa we got married at the embassy of Russia in Kuala Lumpur.

In 2008 I got back to Moscow. In Malaysia I had a lot of free time and I got used to that very much. So when I returned to Moscow, I didn't apply for any real job. Istead I got involved into teaching at the university much more. But I didn't like the living on campus so in 2011 when I got chance to go to Malaysia once more I used that chance. But since there was no real plan (for me and my wife) to move there permanently and because she found a great job in Moscow at a big IT company just before I went to Kuala Lumpur, there was no way I could stay there for long time. So in July of 2012 I returned to Moscow again. But now I decided to find a regular job in IT. A friend from university advised me to apply to Yandex. I did and since that time on I work there.

Well, what else? I like unicycling and, since recently, juggling as well. Except that, I'm interested in computers, programming languages, theory of computation and so on but who cares :-)?

Let's see some photos of me and my family.

Here is my wife Tanya. Melakka, 2008.

Here are, from let to right, my sister, her daughter and my mom in Putrajaya, Malaysia, 2012.

That's the place where I lived in Malaysia, it's about 40 km south from Kuala Lumpur. On the photo: my nephews, my sister and my mom.

That's my dad at home in Murom in 2007.

And last but not least, me :-). Cameron Highlands, Malaysia, 2012.

About me on

Let's see how it works :-)

I recently noticed blah-blah-blah. But then I realized that blah-blah-blah. And now it's blah-blah-blah. So from now on I blah-blah-blah.

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Einstein pompously declared, "God does not play dice." Niels Bohr's response was sharp: "Einstein," Bohr scolded, "don't tell God what to do." Both physicists were pretty close to being atheists; it would seem unlikely that either of them contemplated a deity sitting on a cloud trying to roll a seven.

L. Susskind